Real Estate Development

Core of the brand and basement of the Areos Group is real estate development. In 2005, a German architecture firm and a Swiss property startup combined their know-how and capacities. From this, Areos AG emerged as the first component of today's Areos Group. At that time, the focus was exclusively on real estate planning and development, architecture and urban planning. Accordingly, this core segment represents an important part of the DNA of our group of companies to this day.

If you add the references and expertise of the predecessor companies, which were run by the same people, then the Areos Group has more than 20 years of experience in architectural and urban project planning in close cooperation with real estate development on four continents. 

During this time we have built up in-depth knowledge of the market and an extensive network of relationships that enables us to identify opportunities very early on and create sustainable values ​​for our shareholders and partners.

Our group of companies has developed, planned and implemented construction projects, particularly in Germany and Switzerland, but also in Italy, Spain, Argentina, the United States, Russia, China and the United Arab Emirates.

The long-term experience and technical expertise of our architects, urban planners, engineers and merchants can be found particularly in the segments of residential construction, hotels, commercial buildings, office and apartment towers as well as in the area of urban and district planning.

Our skilled design and construction partners offer a unique track record in overseeing the on-time and on-budget completion of high quality construction projects around the world for discerning end users. Our teams offer experience in working with customers for creatively designed, modern and efficient solutions for new developments and building renovations along the real estate development value chain starting with feasibility studies up to construction management.

Furthermore, the Areos Group also develops, realizes and manages a growing portfolio of its own real estate.